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Investing in start-ups involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, dilution, lack of dividends. It is suitable only for investors capable of evaluating and bearing those risks. In any event, it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio (meaning a portfolio in which investment in start-ups represents only a fraction of the total investments or assets). Before investing please read the risk warnings available at as well as the risks related provisions of the investment facilitation agreement that will be provided to you for the relevant campaign. SeedBlink is not responsible for any information provided by the start-ups, even if distributed through or by SeedBlink. SeedBlink does not endorse any start-up for investment nor does it advise you on the merits of your investment. Seedblink does not provide to you any other advisory services. The decision to invest is yours only. If you require help in evaluating a decision to invest, you should consult a professional adviser. The messages and documentation you receive from SeedBlink or the start-ups have been neither verified nor approved by the Romanian or the European authorities. Nothing in this message shall be considered an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security to any person in any jurisdiction to whom or in which such offer, solicitation or sale is unlawful.

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General notes

Pricing & fees

Joining SeedBlink is free of charge. Investors only pay if they invest, and all fees are charged after the signing of the investment contracts. An indicative fee is shown before committing to an investment. On successful investments (in case the startup is sold or becomes a public company, or you sell it through the secondary market), SeedBlink applies a success fee on the profits from the investment (carried interest) depending on the investment infrastructure used (SPV or Trust). We earn this portion of our fees only when you make a profit.  

Towards the startup, SeedBlink acts as a single point of contact and takes care of all ongoing administrative work related to the investment.
We charge the fees after the signing of the investment contracts. 

Last updated: September 2023 

Offer for investors

Deal fees

Secondary market 


Transaction fee (with a minimum of €30) for both Buyers and Sellers. If the Seller makes a profit, then the carry fee will be charged on any profit earned. 

If you have made a profit on your investment, as explained above, you will also be charged a carry fee on your net profit - after the transaction fee has been removed. Note that not all shares will be eligible for the Secondary Market, and even if they are, the ability to buy and sell shares will depend on demand. Liquidity is not guaranteed on the secondary market. 

Access fee 


• Deal sourcing & vetting (1500+ startups screened yearly).
• Deal by deal access to VC led opportunities.
• Over 100 hours Investment terms negotiation & due diligence with co-investors and startup.
• Operational setup, maintenance and legal compliance of fiduciary structure.
• Structuring and coordinating financing round together with institutional co-investors and startup to ensure smooth closing of the fundraising.
• KYC, digital onboarding and signature.
• Investment proposal, investor calls and Q&A services.
• Negotiation and legal review of final investment contracts.
• Execution of investment. 

• SeedBlink Portfolio reporting – overview, success tracking, continuous updates.
• Portfolio support – alumni meetups, mentoring, quarterly reports. 
• Transfer services. 
• Active portfolio value creation e.g. hiring support, client introductions, financing strategy, industry expert networking, discounted partner services. 
• Ongoing regulatory and audit of structure. 
• Investors and founders network access through community events and platform. 
• For follow-on rounds: calculating investor pro-rata, providing all startup reports and round information, investment execution (contracts and money wiring). 
• Exit execution / dividend pay and distribution. 

Trust fee (up to 5 years)


One off access fee description

We offer a tiered fee structure designed to accommodate investors of varying levels, General and Elite or Club members, and tailored to different types of investment rounds. All fees (access fee, trust fee for the first year) are prepaid, except the success fee, which is only paid at the time of a realized return (i.e. exit, selling the shares).  

Please note:

All the fees presented will be applied for the Trust investment infrastructure, starting with the 10th of April 2023. The investments made before this date will respect the previous fee structure. 

Access fee

  • Community stars: 0,5%
  • Syndicate: 0,5% - 1%
  • VC-backed: 1 - 2,5% (General) / 0,8% - 2% (Elite/SeedBlink Club)

Out of the invested amount, by stage, one-off fee.

Trust fee

Out of the invested amount, yearly paid, up to 5 years.

  • Community stars: 1,5%
  • Syndicate: 1,5%
  • VC-backed: 1,5%

Success fee

Out of the realised return.

  • Community stars: 7%
  • Syndicate: 7,5%
  • VC-backed12% (General) / 10% (Elite/SeedBlink Club)