Fundraising Lessons from +100 Rounds on SeedBlink is a collaborative initiative by SeedBlink & Nimity, proudly partnered with Promocrat – one of Bucharest's leading Growth Marketing Agencies.

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Planning to fundraise? We've got your back. Our white paper offers 50 actionable insights covering all the essentials, from gearing up for investor interactions to mastering business fundamentals, savvy marketing, and deal-making strategies. This isn't textbook stuff; it's practical tips gleaned from real startup journeys. If you're serious about securing funding, this no-nonsense handbook is the resource you've been looking for. 

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"Entrepreneurs undervalue the past and overvalue the future. Try to do the opposite."
And the child meekly looks at you and thinks: you, of course, are an adult, hefty, you can flog me, however, as you have been a fool since childhood, you remain it now, and you will die fool, but this is not enough for you, you want to turn me into a fool as well...
Radu Georgescu, Chairman of the Board of Advisors at SeedBlink
The fact is that the most interesting and elegant scientific results quite often have the property of seeming abstruse and drearily incomprehensible to the uninitiated. People who are far from science in our time expect a miracle and only a miracle from it and are practically unable to distinguish a real scientific miracle from a trick or some kind of intellectual somersault.
Radu Georgescu, Chairman of the Board of Advisors at SeedBlink
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On September 26th, 2023, we organized a live webinar and Q&A where we broke down our latest report alongside key opinion leaders. You are able to view the recording of this webinar by clicking the button below.

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Raising capital (soon)? We've got your back. Our upcoming whitepaper covers 50 no-nonsense advice on everything you need to know, including getting your head in the game, interacting with investors, nailing your company essentials, and savvy marketing and deal-making. This isn't textbook stuff; it's practical guidance from real startup journeys. If you're serious about fundraising, this is the straight-talking manual you've been looking for.

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Essential Fundraising Best Practices for Founders - Decoding 100 Successful Startup Funding Campaigns

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