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During this first edition of the Nextcelerator Hub and with the support of Agricover, SeedBlink and Microsoft, we aim to identify the leading start-ups with breakthrough innovations in the AgriTech sector and provide them with industry knowledge, adequate technical and business resources, and community support to scale their ideas into successful businesses with global impact. 

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Our unique advantages  

Eligibility Criteria   

The project is targeted at Central & Eastern European AgriTech startups who must meet the following criteria at the time of making the application:

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Selection and programming focused on accelerating startup growth and commercial results. 

One-on-one consulting and coaches with an extended network of mentors, industry experts, corporate and partners

Blended group training, group mentoring and peer reviews.

Access to Agricover's network of farms and agri-players to test and receive feedback and insights

Access to SeedBlink, the European investment platform designed to support entrepreneurs reach investor readiness

A driving focus on the entire agri-food value chain, supporting value chains and impact 


Before starting to work with our experts, the startups with the greatest potential are identified in an internal selection process. Selected startups  will work with mentors and experts from Microsoft along with agriculture experts from our partner Agricover to improve their business strategy and plans. 

* 4 hours per week, Mentors get to know the startups and their technology 1:1 mentor-startup sessions focusing on business strategy.

Innovative start-ups with high market adoption potential aimed to solve European agricultural specific problems

A transparent, articulated business model that can be developed both on the local and international markets.

Already tested, ethical MVP (minimum viable product)

Completed early research and development stage

At least one co-founder must be on the project on a full-time basis

Food for Thought 

Liviu Dobre

General Manager Agricover Holding 

2021 was a good year for agriculture and agribusiness in general and all prospects point to technology sustaining growth - so a closer partnership between agribusiness experts, tech experts and investment funds can foster and support a new generation of AgriTech startups. Agricover’s partnership with SeedBlink and Microsoft provides early stage AgriTech companies with unparalleled access to business support, expertise, facilities, research and know-how and we can not wait to get started.

Andreea Bulisache 

National Technology Officer at Microsoft

Our bespoke, expert-led 360' program aims to empower high potential startups to further develop their business model by providing them with technological, business and financial resources to help them secure a leadership position in the CEE agritech scene. I encourage all early-stage AgriTech entrepreneurs to check out the program online - I am excited to see what companies will sign up.


Acts as the Funding committee, finalists will be rated by the jury consisting of Board Members, Executives and Advisors from Agricover, Microsoft, Seedblink and their partners. 

Liviu Dobre

General Manager Agricover Holding 

Andreea Bulisache

National Technology Officer at Microsoft

Andrei Dudoiu

Managing Partner at SeedBlink

Carmen Sebe

CEO at SeedBlink

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